Rich Thrift | Creative Director
Rich Thrift | Creative Director

The Gift Of Life

Channel 5


A campaign spanning 4 executions over 2 years that was aimed squarely at parents. Based on an experience i had in a supermarket queue with my 2 year old son, we created spots based around a group of friends & colleagues that also featured in a Demand 5 campaign that ran concurrently.  

Won a Promax UK Gold 2014.

The Gift of Life

TV, Digital, Social, Outdoor | Channel 5

A TV show that detailed life on the transplant list. 
I helmed a campaign that was designed as an all round call for the cause at the heart of the show.

Designed to drive people to sign up to the UK donor register, we then asked viewers to show their support by posting a hand-on-heart selfie to social media, using a Facebook app to emblazon that selfie with a bespoke Channel 5 logo.

In addition, we aired pledges from C5 talent with the same hand on heart motif.

The campaign was a massive success, hugely increasing social traffic around both the show during it’s 6 show run and the channel brand itself.

Creative Director: Rich Thrift
Director: Waiel Al Nour
Creatives: Waiel Al Nour | Abigail Whitehouse
DOP: Marcus Domeleo
Colourist: Chris Rodgers
Head Of Production: Lucy Bugiel
Production Co-ordinators: Clare McLaughlin | Katherine Hayes
Mix: Anthony McElhinney
Art Director: James Parsons
Logo & Animation: Michael O'Sullivan | Adeel Khan

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