Rich Thrift | Creative Director
Rich Thrift | Creative Director
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Richard Parks

Richard Parks

Campaign | JLL

In 2011, Richard Parks became the first person to climb the highest peak on all seven continents, and stand on the North and South Pole in the same year.

As part of Richard’s Team Quest, JLL sponsored his solo expedition to the South Pole in late 2018, an endeavour made more interesting due to his collaborations with students who built his equipment and designed his food program.

This approach spawned a series of films, detailing how Richard’s story had led him to work in this uniquely collaborative and human way.

The campaign was geared as a call to action for stories of inspiration and ambition.

Richard Parks | 'History’

Director | Rich Thrift
Edit | Harry Andrews
Producer | Rauf Bayraktar
Camera | Mark Winterhalder & Richard Jackson c/o Devoted Films