Rich Thrift | Creative Director
Rich Thrift | Creative Director
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Mipim 2018 | See The World Differently

Event | Experiential

We took the JLL brand to market in a new and engaging way, curating, commissioning and designing pieces for a stand that manifested as a gallery.

The pieces each detailed a different part of our business, showcasing our unique approach to the human side of the industry.

Mipim 2018
"See The World Differently"

Event, Experiential, Artwork | JLL

For this major global expo in Cannes, the brief was to create something completely different to the competition that tied to the human nature of the JLL brand.
Where digital and technologies such as VR / AR are rife in such environments, we decided to embrace the physical by making our stand into an art gallery. 

We populated this with original artworks which i curated, designed and built personally or commissioned to be created by my internal team.
It was a raging success with internal stakeholders and delegates alike, even including offers from both to purchase the artworks.

The concept has been continued as an inspiration to the worldwide company offering for events as well as being adapted to feature within JLL offices.


Ambitions Achieved

This piece was created by rendering over 4500 deals the firm had completed in the previous year in 6 point on an A1 sheet.
It was exhibited with an accompanying magnifying glass.

Concept: Rich Thrift
Artwork: Erika Haug

Our People

This shoot was about recognising some of the unbelievable talent within our organisation, and exploring how their outside world skills help us work together and deliver unbelievable results for our clients every day. We captured these stories in still photography – bringing the skills and abilities of our people to life in an emotional and inspirational way.

Each portrait was exhibited with a story from the shoot.

Photographer: Ryan Peters
Artworks printed on 230gsm satin




We are conscious of our ability - and responsibility - to make a positive impact on the world around us. 

I have always been fascinated with neon signs. I liked the idea of using the key brand colour red to show our green credentials, creating a cognitive dissonance.

To further highlight the sustainability message, this was rendered using LED neon which is far more economical to run.

The resulting piece was exhibited with exposed cables.

“Our Brand Isn’t Green, But Our Business Needs To Be”
Rich Thrift

LED, acrylic


Our Ambitions

Behind every ambition achieved stands a group of people connecting you across borders, with in-depth research and thousands of years of combined real estate and investment experience. Our people are our greatest asset and we are united by a common goal to understand your ambitions, do our best work and make sure you get the best results.

I commissioned my internal team to create portraits of our senior teams with a completely open brief. The results ranged from mixed media to hand-painted and digital artworks which were printed on canvas and paired with a peraonl ambition of the subject.


Artwork by:

Rueben Santiago
Erika Haug
Alex Boulton
Mandeep Natt
Harry Andrews
Zainab Malik
Paul Oddy
Lynda Bridges
Agnieszka Szuba
Scott Scanlan
Alastair Lawson



We’re reinventing the real estate experience using the latest technology to fully leverage all the proprietary data and insights at the heart of our business. But behind all the data and digital advancements, it’s really about people. People with expert knowledge of cities, individual streets and specific buildings around the world who understand your ambitions and work tirelessly to make sure you achieve them. 

This piece was created by building a lightbox behind a blank canvas. Filling this lightbox with LED strips and adding a laser cut gobo mean that when off, the missing letters were 'filled in' by the viewer.

The lights were on a timer, which cycled to then project the word 'Innovation' onto the canvas.

Bright Ideas
Rich Thrift

LED light-box, Canvas



To highlight our collaborative team spirit, i sourced some old bike parts and assembled these taxidermy pieces. They were then finished with details of our brand palette and textures.

Designed & Built by Rich Thrift