Rich Thrift | Creative Director
Rich Thrift | Creative Director

The Gadget Show 360

Channel 5


A campaign spanning 4 executions over 2 years that was aimed squarely at parents. Based on an experience i had in a supermarket queue with my 2 year old son, we created spots based around a group of friends & colleagues that also featured in a Demand 5 campaign that ran concurrently.  

Won a Promax UK Gold 2014.

The Gadget Show 360

iOS, TV campaign | Channel 5

At 9pm on 16th April 2012, television history was made by broadcasting the world’s first 360 degree dual-screen viewing experience simultaneously on television & iOS.

The app synched with the TV broadcast in real time. Viewers of the 360 mobile experience could then turn around with their phone and watch what was going on behind them, above them or anywhere off-screen. Specially scripted scenes and action occured all around the studio exclusively for the mobile 360 viewers. Directional movement of the mobile device resulted in synchronized movement from the 360 degree TV cameras – the viewer could look anywhere around the studio along a 360 horizontal and vertical axis.

The response on social media was overwhelming, many citing the experience as the best use of technology they had see that year.

It went on to scoop a Cannes Lion in 2013.

Creative Director, Director & Concept | Rich Thrift
Production | Lucy Bugiel
Camera | TTX
Coding & Design | XS2theworld